30 August 2019

Elisabetta Manunza in newspaper Trouw about procurement of security at Schiphol Airport

In an interview in Dutch newspaper Trouw, Prof. Elisabetta Manunza (UU School of Law) reacts to the ongoing conflict between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the FNV. 

FNV, the largest labor union in the Netherlands, would have liked the airport to have included the private security collective labour agreement in the requirements package in the new tender. But according to Schiphol, this would not be in line with European procurement law. According to Elisabetta Manunza, this assertion is only partly correct.

Proportionality principle

The inclusion of such a CAO as a requirement in a tendering procedure is permitted as long as Schiphol can demonstrate that it is proportionate and therefore in line with the rules of the European internal market. This will not cause problems in the near future. After all, the EU itself wants to pay great attention to the social dimension. The importance of protecting low-skilled workers in tenders has therefore become more important, according to Manunza.

Want to know more?

Read the full report on the website of Trouw. See the most important procurement rules in the European directives for procurement on the website of the Rijksoverheid (Dutch).