7 January 2019

Astonishment over availability radical Muslim books for terrorism suspects in Vught prison

Photo by Wim Hoppenbrouwers, Remand Centre Noordsingel Rotterdam, Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

On January 4th, an article was posted on NOS.nl in which dr. Joas Wagemakers (Religious Studies) discusses the question whether allowing books written by radical Muslim authors in prison is dangerous.

Dr. Joas Wagemakers

Last week it was revealed that Jihadists who are locked up in the terrorist ward of Vught's prison are able to request books of radical Muslim authors through the prison's library. Does the availability of such books pose a possible threat, and should they be forbidden? 


Whether such books are dangerous is "completely dependent on how someone explains it", says Wagemakers on NOS.nl. "For one person it can have radicalising effects, for the other the total opposite". Whether they pose a threat depends on the reader's interpretation. It is already unlikely the books will be forbidden due to freedom of religion in the Netherlands.