Our Big Fat Green Trip: Results Ranking 2020

On this page, you find the results of the very first ranking of study associations in terms of their travel behaviour. The ranking is part of the Our Big Fat Green Trip-project of the Green Office. Read more about this project and the purpose of the ranking here.

The ranking shows that in 2020, 13 out of 31 study associations that go on a trip opt for more sustainable modes of transport. We hope that the plans of these 13 associations will inspire other associations to make more sustainable travel plans in the future. Among the study associations in the most sustainable category, the Green Office issued a travel voucher of 500 euros as part of a raffle lottery. Utrechtse Aardwetenschappen Vereniging (Utrecht Earth Science Association) won this prize and may spend this amount during their Big Fat Green Trip.

Do you want to make a tour of Europe with your study association? Read the blog of study association Storm about their annual bus trip here.

A total of 31 study associations that organise a trip in the spring or summer of 2020 shared travel data with the Green Office. We would like to give our thanks to these study associations for being a part of Our Big Fat Green Trip. By sharing their data, we are able to gain more insight into the travel behaviour of study associations. 


Ranking big fat green trip

Would you like to take a look at the complete 2020 Our Big Fat Green Trip ranking? Click here. Is your study association not listed or is information incorrect or missing? Send an email to greenoffice@uu.nl with 'ranking BFGT' in the subject line.

Many associations have green travel ambitions

During the ranking process, it became apparent that many study associations that fall into the second or third category of the ranking have the ambition to fly less in the coming years. Hence, in next year's ranking, the Green Office will award bonus points to the associations that made more sustainable travel plans compared to the previous year to support these ambitions. In addition, from March 2020 on the Green Office will offer a workshop on the subject of sustainable travel for interested study associations.

Are you a member of the board or travel committee of a study association and would you like to register your study association for a workshop or would you like to share your association's green ambitions? Send an email to greenoffice@uu.nl with 'Ranking BFGT' in the subject line. 

Ranking details

From November 2019 to January 2020, the Mobility Committee of the Green Office contacted study associations with a request to share travel data on, among other things, destinations and means of transport. Two different indexes were used which were then added to calculate the final index. The first index gives a score for the type of means of transport with a scale of 112.5 - 300. The number 112.5 was used for the most sustainable mode of transport: the train. The number 300 was used for associations that travelled least sustainably and chose to fly this year. The numbers 135 and 180 were assigned to the means of transport bus and minibus, respectively. All of the above numbers relating to the CO2 emissions of different means of transport are based on IPPC figures. The second index is a score for the distance travelled from Utrecht to the destination, with a scale of 0 - 200. Here, the number 200 is taken as the extreme border of Europe, everything in between counts up to 200. Destinations outside Europe were all assigned a score of 200. As you can see, in the final index the calculation of the index the type of means of transport counts heavier than the distance travelled. This way, associations that travel far, but who still choose a more sustainable way of travelling, are given a small advantage.

Student associations that have chosen to offset their CO2 emissions are marked with an asterix in the ranking. There are great differences between offsetting initiatives in terms of their effectiveness, the associations that did offset their carbon, therefore, did not receive extra points.

Of course, it is best to opt for more sustainable modes of transport. Are you flying and do you want to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your trip? Click on this link for more information about carbon offsetting.

Do you have any questions, tips or remarks regarding the Big Fat Green Trip Ranking? Send an e-mail to greenoffice@uu.nl with 'Ranking BFGT' in the subject line.