Project: Research agenda for the Delta-Ostrich

Rijn Maas delta

Our overall objective is to establish a science-based fundamental research agenda for long-term, sustainable management of the Rhine-Meuse delta. To this end we will identify the fundamental assumptions and choices concerning the functioning of the natural and social systems that have underlain the choices in past and present-day delta management policy. Then we will test these premises against perspectives of the uncertain but potentially dramatically changing longer-term future.

Delta: Rhine-Meuse delta, NL

Future Deltas themeUnderstanding Drivers, Optimizing Solutions

Funding: Future Deltas Call 2015

Duration: 2016

Researchers: Prof. dr. H. Middelkoop, Prof. dr. M.G. Kleinhans, Dr. C. Dieperink , Prof. mr. M. van Rijswick, Mr. dr. F. Groothuijse