Project: Mega-nourishments on Wadden Sea ebb-deltas

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Mega-nourishments on Wadden Sea ebb-deltas

Ebb-tidal delta's are shallow sandy features at the seaward side of tidal inlets. For the Wadden Sea they are important because they dissipate large parts of the indicent wave energ, thereby protecting the fragile Wadden Sea, and they are (at least temporarily) a source of sand for the Wadden Sea and the barrier islands. In the last decades these ebb-tidal deltas are reducing in size and volume.  Therefore Dutch coastal management authorities have proposed to nourish the ebb-tidal delta with large amounts of sediment. In this project we study why the ebb-tidal deltas of the Dutch Wadden Sea are shrinking, where the sediment is going to and how the delta will respond to a large-scale sand nourishment.   

Field: Wadden Sea

Future Deltas theme: Understanding DriversPredicting impacts, Optimizing solutions

Funding: NWO-the New Delta

Duration: 2015-2019

Researchers: Klaas Lenstra