Project: Ecosystem services in deltas under pressure

We will produce a position paper that combines knowledge and experience across a range of different disciplines to analyze the impacts of global change and opportunities for the future for ecosystem services in deltas. Deltas are among the most densely populated areas in the world, and as a consequence of growing human pressures on ecosystems, the services they provide are rapidly being lost. Additionally, deltas are threatened by sea level rise, which is exacerbated by land subsidence. This requires adaptive and flexible solutions, in which the boundary conditions for healthy ecology, society and economy need to be considered.

Delta: Rhine-Meuse delta, NL

Future Deltas theme: Understanding Drivers, Predicting Impacts

Funding: Future Deltas Call 2015

Duration: 2016

Researchers: Dr M.B. Soons, Erik Kleyheeg, Prof. dr. J.T.A. Verhoeven, Dr. E. Stouthamer, Prof. dr. H. Middelkoop, Dr. ir. M.M Hefting, Prof. dr. M.G. Kleinhans, Prof. dr. G.A Kowalchuk, Dr. M. van Kuijk, Dr. F.S.J. van Laerhoven, M. Read, Prof. mr. M. van Rijswick, B. Roels, Dr. M.W. Straatsma, Dr. M. van der Vegt, Dr. P.A. Verweij, Dr B. van Wesenbeeck, Dr. S. van Asselen