The nature of work is changing; innovation, digitalization, and globalisation impact people’s working lives. This societal challenge offers opportunities and poses risks to the organisation of work. Society as a whole may benefit from them, but at the same time we face the challenge of a looming divide (by gender, age, social class or ethnic background) in which some will benefit more than others in their work, job prospects and work-life balance.

Bringing science and society together

We aim to develop new theoretical and empirical insights into work related societal challenges from innovation and globalisation, and provide a platform where organisations and researchers can meet and collaborate. It provides a platform where industry leaders and policymakers can obtain as well as discuss these insights and voice their need for scientific knowledge.

The Future of Work Hub is a platform where scientists, organisations  and policy makers can collaborate on answering questions about the causes and consequences of ongoing innovation and globalisation for individuals’ working lives, organisations, markets and public institutions, with high visibility in societal and policy debates.

Join our Hub

As a Hub we strive for outcomes that help society as well as individual workers, families and organisations, both private and public, with the challenges presented by their future of work. We invite all parties interested in the Future of Work to reach out and join our collective.

If you are interested in joining our growing network of professionals, policy makers and scientists, feel free to contact us by sending Thomas Martens a message.


Ziek thuis op de bank onder een dekentje
12 September 2018
There is strong evidence that employees respond to both negative and positive incentives to reduce absenteeism, Wolter Hassink writes in IZA World of Labor.
Eva Knies
3 September 2018
According to prof. dr. Eva Knies job satisfaction is largely produced by the feeling that you are adding a purposeful contribution to an organization’s targets.
demonstranten voor gelijke rechten
15 May 2018
Linda Senden, Belle Derks, Rosemarie Buikema and Maarten Goos will share their knowledge with policy makers in OECD engagement groups.


2 September 2019 16:00 - 17:15
The annual celebration of the start of the 2019–2020 academic year of Utrecht University will take place at 2 September 2019 at the Dom church.

Institutions for Open Societies

Future of Work is one of the new Hubs of Utrecht University's strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies. Within the research theme, interdisciplinary research is conducted on the formal and informal rules (institutions) of human interaction. Scholars from various fields work together to answer two key questions: Why do societies develop so divergently? And how do institutions contribute to the formation and florescence of open societies?

Within the IOS-Hubs excellent researchers from different disciplines collaborate with private and public partners on socially relevant topics. These IOS-Hubs are, next to Future of Work: