6 November 2019 from 19:30 to 22:30

Young Skills - It's you on stage

Have you always wanted to improve your presenting skills? Would you like to present yourself with more confidence, pleasure, and impact? Then join us for the Workshop evening Young Skills - It’s you on stage of YOUNG, the Young Alumni Network on Wednesday 6 November

During this interactive evening Artesc will let you experience what presenting skills you already have and how you can discover new talents! You will learn more about reaching, activating and involving your audience. A skill which is very useful in situations like a job interview, while managing a group or when pitching your newest ideas!

You can choose from these two workshops:

  1. Job interview theatre workshop – Going towards a next job and you want to increase your personal impact in a job interview or a job interview presentation? Good news for you: we have the tools to get the best part of you to take over. In this workshop you will learn what it takes to reach the people in front of you, really connect with them and overcome whatever is bothering you. With simple tools from theatre you can get the best feeling possible across. You will learn to do that in the context of a presentation but also in the context of a one to one talk. We will optimise both to make you equipped for the job hunt season and learn to perform with confidence and ease. All in all: learn to connect, convince and make a great impression. Everything theatre has to offer to help you make a next step in your career.
  2. Leadership theatre workshop – Always wanted to know what great leaders have in common? Of course, great ideas, but also the ability to bring them across in an inspiring way. In this workshop we will zoom in on the feeling your group gets when you address them. By analysing and optimising your non-verbal communication, we will find out how you can best help the people you lead. We will also work on sharing confidence and authenticity. These theatrical tools will help you to get the best out of leading your colleagues. Result: more commitment, more inspiration and more confidence.

The workshop will take place in the Anatomy Building.

Start date and time
6 November 2019 19:30
End date and time
6 November 2019 22:30
Entrance fee
Friends of the Utrecht University Fund €15,-, non-Friends €25,-