Workshop: Water in the City

wastebin in a flooded city
Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

Canals, rivers, water reservoirs, waste water: all cities are faced with some form of water or water management issue. The question of water in cities brings together many different urban policy goals, including sustainability, health and well-being. Many of these issues are interrelated. The Transforming Cities Hub invites all researchers at Utrecht University who feel inspired by the theme of ‘water in cities’ to join our workshop on 17 June.

In an online meeting we would like to explore the role of water in cities and the range of water challenges that cities face. By sharing insights from different disciplines, we want to stimulate people to think differently about both problems and solutions. Where and how could we stimulate collaboration between disciplines? And what opportunities would these new collaborations potentially offer in terms of research, education or societal impact?

The following people will present their work on urban water:

Madelinde Winnubst (Utrecht University School of Governance) & Karin Snel (Human Geography and Spatial Planning) on flood safety, climate adaptation and public participation

Jonno van Vulpen & Yasmin Salvatore (Biology) on the biomimicry project `An Ecosystem’s Approach to City Water Management

Boyd Berends (Institute for Risk Assesment Sciences (IRAS) on health hazards

Suzanne Faber (Earth Sciences) on her project on contamination in the Griftpark, Utrecht

Shaun Smith (Human Geography and Spatial Planning) on the project `Nexusing water, energy and food to increase resilience in the Cape Town metropolitan region'

The research hub Transforming cities is part of the Utrecht University strategic theme Pathways to SustainabilityBy connecting knowledge and collaborating with stakeholders in transdisciplinary settings, the Transforming cities hub aims to explore and provide sustainable solutions for cities.

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