16 January 2018 from 09:30 to 13:00

Workshop Trust in institutions: the role of facts & reasoning

The IOS Platform 'Facts and reasoning' organizes an informal workshop on "Trust in institutions: the role of facts & reasoning". Should current problems with regard to trust in institutions be seen as problems of trust, or problems of reliability? Can institutional structures generate and/or facilitate trust - and to what extent do facts and reasoning have a role to play here? What about scientific institutions such as the university - what role do facts & reasoning play in trust in science, or the lack of it?

During the workshop we will discuss these questions from various disciplinary angles; the discussion will be preceded by three introductions by Frans Brom (Normativity of scientific policy advice), Daniel Cohnitz (Theoretical philosophy / epistemology) and Anita Eerland & Daniël Janssen (Linguistics). 

Start date and time
16 January 2018 09:30
End date and time
16 January 2018 13:00