Workshop: Sedimentation strategies in deltas

River deltas worldwide are at risk of sinking due to subsidence, sea-level rise and anthropogenic activities. Growing populations in delta regions are at significant risk. But what can we do about it? In the interactive online workshop “Sedimentation Strategies for Deltas” we will investigate the options available for deltas to increase sedimentation and build land to stay above sea level. During the workshop we will discuss the practicalities and implementation of these different sedimentation strategies from a multi-disciplinary perspective, including engineering, ecological concerns, governance, law, stakeholder management, costs, physical setting and more. We are bringing together experts from different disciplines and stakeholders from deltas to discuss which strategies are suitable for different deltas and to identify barriers to implementation from various perspectives. 

This workshop is hosted by a team of researchers at Utrecht University funded by the Water, Climate and Future Deltas hub of Pathways to Sustainability. We invite all researchers, policymakers and interested parties who are working in deltas in any field (policy, engineering, stakeholder management, ecology, governance, management, law, etc.) to take part! More detailed information about the workshop will be announced soon via email.

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