Workshop: Religion and Armed Groups in Comparative Perspective


The Contesting Governance project group ‘Governance and Citizenship in Protracted Conflict’ is organizing a workshop on Religion and Armed Groups in Comparative Perspective. It will take place on Tuesday, 6th of June, from 14:00 - 17:00 (with drinks afterwards) at Drift 23 - room 207. 


Since the beginning of this millennium, much research on religion and conflict has focused on religious terrorism and on religious fundamentalism. It has shown that religion plays diverging roles in different circumstances and can be connected to both organizations that employ violence and those that aim at peace and reconciliation. Whereas these insightful interventions demonstrate that we cannot assume that religious groups and ideas occupy a uniform role in conflicts, they also highlight the importance of unraveling in more detail how religion and violence interact in different domains, contexts, and levels. We are particularly interested in exploring the role of religion in the governance practices of armed groups. This includes role of religion in forms of “rebel governance” and the relations of armed organizations with the state, which may be antagonistic or result in strategic collaborations and hybrid in/formal governance structures. In this workshop we aim to bring together different studies and perspectives on armed groups and religion, to stimulate comparative thinking and further theorizing about the relations between religion, violence, and governance.

14:00 Opening 

Martijn Oosterbaan


14:10 Presentation 1

Salvador Forquilha

Armed groups, religion, and governance: Insights from Mozambique

14:40 Break (5 minutes)



14:45 Presentation 2

Murtala Ibrahim 

Yoruba Traditional Religion, and the OPC’s Armed Struggle against the State in Lagos, Nigeria

15:15 – 15:30 Break (15 minutes)



15:30 Presentation 3

Ioana Cismas

Some findings from Generating Respect Project

16:00 Break (5 minutes)



16:05 Discussants and plenary Q & A/ roundtable discussion

Corinna Jentzsch (10 minutes)




Utrecht University

SACRASEC/Contesting Governance/Protracted Conflict/VENI project Dangerous Liaisons


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Drift 23 - 207
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