Workshop: Logical Normativity and Logical Reasoning in AI Systems

Girl standing in projection of light.
Photo: Mahdis Mousavi (Unsplash)

Does logic constrain reasoning, belief, or knowledge? Does the answer depend on whether we are primarily concerned with natural, human agents or artificial agents?

The aim of this workshop is to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion of questions concerning the relationship between deductive logic and the reasoning capacities of bounded and/or artificial agents. We are especially interested in the following topics:

  • the role, limitations and variety of reasoning in (natural or artificial) agents
  • plausible logical norms and sanctions for (natural or artificial) agents
  • non-monotonic logics, inconsistency tolerance, and belief revision
  • the nature of objects of propositional attitudes (content, information, etc.)
  • explaining the ‘information yield’ of deductive inference (derivation or proof)
  • general implications of resource-boundedness for reasoning and knowledge


Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

The workshop is organized within Utrecht University focus area Human-centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI). HAI bundles the various AI-activities undertaken at Utrecht University. AI in Utrecht has a unique interdisciplinary profile that pervades various departments, including computer science, philosophy, linguistics and psychology.

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