19 October 2017 from 14:00 to 17:30

Workshop: Knowledge, History and Industry Diversification

On Thursday, October 19 2017, the Workshop “Knowledge, History and Industry Diversification”, will take place. The workshop invites scholars to discuss the recent advances in evolutionary economic geography with a focus on the topic of industrial and technological diversification.

Industrial and Technological Diversification

Evolutionary theories in economic geography provide a new explanation of the emergence and growth of industries based on the idea that new firms localise close to their parent companies from which they inherit routines, which adapt over time to best fit the changing environment. Path dependency explains why it is so hard to switch to new routines and in turn why some industries may lock in superseded technologies.

This workshop brings together scholars in the broad community of evolutionary economists and geographers who have contributed to this debate. In particular, during the workshop the invited speakers will present recent findings of their research concerning the following broad topics: spatial clustering of innovation activities; the diversification opportunities of firms and regions; the interplay between industrial diversification, growth and inequality; methodological/data tools to investigate diversification using network modelling and historical perspectives.



Welcome address


Frank van Oort, Erasmus Rotterdam University


Alessandro Nuvolari, Sant’Anna, Università di Pisa


Coffee break


Maryann Feldman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Cesár Hidalgo, MIT (tbc)



Start date and time
19 October 2017 14:00
End date and time
19 October 2017 17:30