Workshop Effective Digital Assessment


This session is part of the Workshop & Webinar (W&W) offer of the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning.

This workshop will offer some rules of thumb for composing a good exam and good (open or closed) exam questions. As an exercise, we will critically examine your past exam questions, looking for ways to improve them and learn how to write even better questions in future. We will also get our hands dirty: you’ll learn how to transfer your exam questions into Remindo and use them to compose an assessment. You’ll also learn how to re-use your questions in later assessments. By working this way, you will start to build a database of questions and answers that will benefit you for years to come.

Bring exam questions with you to the workshop.

Would you be interested in participating in this session, but are you not able to join at this date/time? Contact to stay updated for future possibilities and/or any questions you might have. We also recommend having a look at our Teaching Support helpdesk. Curious about what else we have on offer? You can find that here.

The spoken language of this session is Dutch, questions can also be asked in English.

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Marinus Ruppertgebouw - 032

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