25 August 2017 from 09:30 to 12:30

Workshop Data handling in R (Fully booked)

Handling raw towards consistent data is a crucial step in your research. This should be done thoroughly and transparently. For this purpose, R is a very useful software tool. This workshop covers the basics of raw data handling in R.

Topics we cover are:

  • Steps in preparing your data for analyses
  • How to perform these steps in R
  • Ultra-quick tour of Rstudio
  • Good coding practices

The workshop offers a concise hands on introduction to raw data handling in R, with ready-made examples. At the end you have a good idea on the theory of transforming, checking, cleaning, and rearranging your data. You will have a basis for a further understanding of coding in R, how to document your code, and you will have a working script for an example.

The workshop can be complemented by attending the R Data Handling Café (bring your own data and code, or use our self-study assignments) 4th of September. 

For whom

Employees of the Utrecht University who are planning, or just started coding in the R programming language for their data handling.

When and where

You are welcome to the workshop Data handling in R. It starts at 9.30 and ends 12:30 on 25 August. Place: Utrecht University Library, location Uithof. The maximum number of participants is ten. Register by sending an e-mail to info.rdm@uu.nl

Start date and time
25 August 2017 09:30
End date and time
25 August 2017 12:30
Entrance fee