Workshop and panel: Relational interfaces design

The Sustainable City, Buitenplaats Brienenoord

On 13 and 14 June, the panel and workshop ‘Relational Interfaces Design’ will take place. It is, among others, organised by Dark Matter Labs, The research project Charging the Commons at the Civic Interaction Design Research Group at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Zöop.

Reimagining civics

The ecological crisis we currently face stems from our human-centric view of ownership and control. So how can we reimagine civics to recognise our entangled relationships with both humans and the more-than-human world? And how can we imagine these relationships in the spirit of stewardship and commonality? Radicle Civics at Dark Matter Labs focuses on these essential worldview shifts.

Exploring relational interfaces

To explore these questions, Dark Matter Labs is designing ‘relational interfaces’: social and technological tools to bridge the gap between humans and our complex world. This requires new theories of the commons: how do we include more-than-human agents and how do we balance ecosystems? These questions will be explored in the workshop, focusing on Buitenplaats Brienenoord as a testing ground for the future.

[urban interfaces] 

The workshop is co-organised by the Utrecht University-based research group [urban interfaces], and the special interest group Inclusion in the Datafied City, as part of the Focus Area Governing the Digital Society. It is part of a longer-running collaboration between UU and AUAS on ‘critical city-making’ and creative urban methods.

The workshop will be preceded by a public panel discussion on this theme at Nieuwe Instituut on Thursday 12 June 19:30–21:00.

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Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

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