5 March 2019 from 20:00 to 21:30

Who’s got the right to water? Studium Generale with Daphina Misiedjan

waterkraan met druppel

How do we distribute water in a fair and sustainable way? Does nature also have the right to water? With human rights scholar Dr Daphina Misiedjan.

This Studium Generale lecture is part of a Dutch series on the sustainable development goals of the UN. Met het doel voor ogen - wat is er tot nu toe eigenlijk van de duurzame doelen terechtgekomen?

Daphina Misiedjan is an assistant professor at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights and researcher at the Utrecht Center for Oceans, Water and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL). She specializes in issues concerning human rights (in particular economic, social and cultural rights) and the environment. 

Start date and time
5 March 2019 20:00
End date and time
5 March 2019 21:30
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