We're all worldbuilders now: a narratology of translation for open futures — by Paul Graham Raven

'Friends of the Future' Seminar

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Join us on 21 September for an engaging Friends of the Future seminar with Paul Graham Raven, writer, researcher and consulting critical futures practitioner. As a researcher, he was affiliated to Lund University and Malmö University among others and contributed to the newly published book 'Futures Brough To Life'. Previously, Paul was part of the three-year research project Climaginaries, he has been editor-in-chief for webzine 'Futurismic', and developed a new interpretation of the Tarot with design agency Superflux. Register for his talk by emailing Timothy Stacey: t.j.stacey@uu.nl.

About Paul Graham Raven

Paul Graham Raven photographed outside, sideways. He wears a black cowboy hat, a blue shirt and has a grey beard.
Dr. Paul Graham Raven is a writer, researcher and consulting critical futures practitioner, as well as an author and critic of science fiction, and a collaborator with designers and artists. He currently lives in Malmö with a cat, some guitars, and too many books. Learn more at: paulgrahamraven.com

About 'Friends of the Future'

The Friends of the Future seminars are the Urban Futures Studio’s take on public seminars: warm, interactive, and focused on hope. Each month, we invite an academic, activist, artist, or practitioner to chat with us on the sofa in front of a circle of colleagues and guests. All are welcome.

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Accept the calendar invite or RSVP to t.j.stacey@uu.nl