Webinar 'The Exposome & COVID-19'

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Since March COVID-19 is among us and we have no choice but to deal with it. In this webinar, scientists from the Utrecht Exposome Hub will briefly explain how they incorporated the new challenges of the ongoing pandemic into their research.

Rick Grobbee, Roel Vermeulen and Fernanda Paganelli will give you a glimpse of current COVID-19 research projects in the hub. Fellow researcher Marcel de Zoete will lead the panel discussion afterwards.

14:00 hrs - Introduction Utrecht Exposome Hub

14:15 hrs - Outline research projects

  • Rick Grobbee
    Wearables in COVID-19 research

  • Roel Vermeulen
    The link between air quality and COVID-19

  • Fernanda Paganelli
    The interplay between the upper airway microbiome and immune activation status in COVID-19 disease development: towards predicting COVID-19 severity. 

15:00 hrs - Panel discussion

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