Webinar Overton


Database Overton organises a webinar to discuss the main functionalities of this database. The webinar is held in English.

Utrecht University Library offers Overton, a database which gives an overview of research output which is included in policy documents. Overton makes it easy to find references to research in policy documents. It is also possible to search policy documents (full-text) by subject, title and organization.

During the webinar we’ll go over the main functionalities and show some useful functionality like setting up an e-mail alert. The webinar will be recorded. If you can't join at the webinar, do not hesitate to register so we can send you the recording afterwards. The webinar will be hosted by Overton via Zoom, and will be presented by Nathalie Cornée. There will be a short introduction by the University Library.

Please contact Felix Weijdema at f.p.weijdema@uu.nl if you have any questions or remarks.

Start date and time
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UU staff can register via this form. UMCU staff are also welcome to join. They can register by sending an email to Felix Weijdema at f.p.weijdema@uu.nl.