Webinar: Non-Discrimination and Human Rights


In this webinar we explore questions of equality and (non) discrimination in law. Gender discrimination in national, EU law and international human rights treaties will be discussed as well as institutional racism more broadly, including at the level of the kingdom and with a special focus on human rights education.

This new webinar series organized by the Focus Area Migration and Societal Change discusses the major trends concerning migration, racism and discrimination. High levels of racism, as well as institutionalized or structural discrimination are causing various forms of inequality in society and have negative effects on quality of life and social cohesion. For more information on the series, visit this link.


Dr. Alexandra Timmer is Associate Professor human rights law at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights at Utrecht University. Her research focuses on equality and non-discrimination, in particular in EU law and international human rights treaties. She has a special interest in gender and law and has published widely on this.

Lisenne Delgado is a PhD reseacher at University College Roosevelt. Her research focuses on human rights education and racism at the United Nations and in Curacao. Lisenne will defend her thesis called ‘Being Human and Having Rights’ on 21st of December 2021 at Utrecht University.

Mariam Chebti is member of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (College voor de Rechten van de Mens). International and European human rights are the core of her work. Before joining the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights she worked as liaison-officer for the High Court at the Venice Committee of the Court of Europe, the Benelux Court and the European Court for Human Rights.

Join us in this webinar organized by the Focus Area on Migration and Societal Change and moderated by Dr. Ilse van Liempt. Register by sending an email to migration@uu.nl

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  • 25 March: Racism and Discrimination within universities, with Dr. Jamila Mascat (UU), Louise Autar (2021 winner Diversity Award) and Ragna Senf (Incluusion).
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Register by sending an email to migration@uu.nl