Webinar Imaging life on a nano-scale


Join our webinar about the use of nanoSIMS in Life and Medical Sciences. NanoSIMS is a technique that allows us to image isotopic and elemental composition of samples on a sub-micrometer spatial scale (down to 50 nm), and in this webinar we will showcase how these capabilities help us investigate biological activity on a cellular and sub-cellular level. Our aim is to stimulate future collaborations among scientists interested in this type of research.

Dutch national facility

The webinar is organized by Utrecht University's GeoLab, which has been hosting the nanoSIMS instrument since 2013 as part of the Dutch national facility for high-resolution in situ isotope and element analysis. After a brief introduction by the head of the facility, short presentations will be given by three guest speakers who have been using nanoSIMS in their research for many years (more details to be announced).


The webinar will be held online (via Teams) on Monday 14th November 2022 between 15:00-16:30 (Central European time). You will achieve best performance if you watch it within the Microsoft Teams software, although using a web browser should also work fine. Link to the webinar will be provided after you have registered (please find registration link below).

About nanoSIMS

NanoSIMS is an ion imaging technique that allows the analysis of elemental and (stable) isotopic composition of a solid sample at a sub-micrometer spatial scale (down to 50 nm).

NanoSIMS analysis uses a finely focused beam of ions (ion probe) to erode the sample surface. The secondary ions (atomic and molecular) that are produced in this process are then analyzed by a mass spectrometer.

Although the basic principle is rather simple, the technical realization for achieving high sensitivity, mass resolution and spatial resolution requires some very sophisticated technology. This technology is put together in an instrument called NanoSIMS 50 or 50L.

Recording and privacy

The webinar will be recorded and later made available on the university website. The details you provide through the form will only be used for the organization of this webinar. More information on how Utrecht University handles your personal data can be found at https://www.uu.nl/en/privacy

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