21 June 2018 from 09:00 to 17:00

New opportunities for interdisciplinary research

Water, Climate & Future Deltas Symposium

Since 2014, an interdisciplinary team of researchers has worked with external partners to develop an integrated approach to scientific and societal questions in deltas.  The Future Deltas programme, established by Utrecht University in 2014 for a period of four years, aimed at understanding and predicting how deltas under pressure of massive urbanisation, land-use, climate change, and subsidence will change in the future, and how societies can succesfully deal with this. It focused on understanding drivers of change, predicting impacts and optimising solutions, particularly on the themes of  subsidence, flooding, and salinisation of surface and groundwater.

The successful Future Deltas programme has now finished and the team of researchers will continue its work within the new and larger 'hub' Water, Climate & Future Deltas. This hub is part of the Pathways to Sustainability programme of Utrecht University. In the hub Utrecht University researchers from varying disciplines cooperate with external partners to design and evaluate pathways to sustainable delta development. The hub will provide policy-makers and delta managers with the essential scientific basis for informed decision-making on pathways towards sustainable deltas.

We would greatly value your contribution to the hub. To officially launch the hub, we cordially invite you to join the Water, Climate & Future Deltas Symposium. The main objectives of the symposium are to:

  • present the results obtained by the Future Deltas programme (2014-2018) from an interdisciplinary perspective;
  • introduce the new hub Water, Climate & Future Deltas (2018-2022), aimed at creating new opportunities for research and collaboration and contributing to sustainable solutions;
  • to develop research ideas and start working on deltas together. The best ideas will be rewarded with a seed money grant, enabling further work and starting new projects on short notice.

Participation is free of charge; the final programme will follow soon. Please note: the symposium will be in Dutch.

Start date and time
21 June 2018 09:00
End date and time
21 June 2018 17:00