From 15 June 2019 09:00 to 21 June 2019 17:00

Waste art: how do we deal with our waste?

How do we deal with our waste? This question is central to the Duurzame Week (Sustainable Week) at Metaal Kathedraal, where artist Janneke Kornet will be making art live using waste collected in Utrecht’s streets during Green Office Utrecht’s recent plogging run! By displaying this artwork, Green Office Utrecht, the VIDIUS student union, and Metaal Kathedraal want to create awareness about how we as a society treat our resources and wealth, by looking at the fate of our waste.

Live art: join in!

Want to contribute to this waste art? We welcome you all to visit Metaal Kathedraal during the Duurzame Week (June 15th to 21st, between 09:00 and 17:00) to collaborate and be a 'co-creator' of this art, or even just to come and have a look. After the Duurzame Week, the artwork will be exhibited for another two months at the same venue.

Plastic waste: where does it go?

Every year we produce 311 million tons of new plastic. Half of this plastic goes to single-use items which are thrown away right after their initial use. Furthermore, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into our seas and oceans. That’s more than 250 kilos of plastic per second! This is at the expense of millions of animals every year, who eat this plastic which is usually not bio-degradable and therefore non-digestible. Even when non-biodegradable plastic breaks down, it does not disappear, but instead falls apart into very small toxic pieces, leading to the famous ‘plastic soup’ problem. This microplastic then eventually works its way up into our own food and our own bodies.

Green Office Utrecht (GOU) is Utrecht University’s central sustainability hub where fresh minds and hands come together to support Utrecht University’s sustainable development. Green Office Utrecht makes the university’s policy tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff members by informing them, involving them and empowering them to act. Green Office Utrecht is active on four themes: Food, Biodiversity, Mobility and Circularity.

Start date and time
15 June 2019 09:00
End date and time
21 June 2019 17:00