Voicing the urban poor: experience from an energy justice program for and by slum dwellers

Towards Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions Webinar Series


The SDI network spans 32 countries where grass roots community organisations are supported by professional support NGOs in the building of social movements, transforming urban environments, and securing a more inclusive and resilient future for the world’s urban poor. SDI has a commitment to project typologies that produce learning at scale around clean energy access as part of its informal settlement upgrading agenda. Since 2014 SDI has been involved in the field of access to energy particularly in Africa, India, and the Philippines where the SDI Energy Justice Programme leverages community-led collection of disaggregated energy access data, community empowerment programs, and pro-poor access models in contribution to energy access goals. In the face of growing needs of access to many essential services in slums, SDIs model provides bottom-up, innovative, and adaptable methodological options for catalysing pro-poor change at settlement, city, national, and global levels.

The SDI Energy Justice Programme generates grassroots and tailor-made solutions to energy access in slums. In this session, David Sheridan, former SDI programme manager, will introduce the work of three of the network’s affiliates. Megan Chapman, co-executive director of JEI Nigeria, will share insights from the recent completed Lagos Informal Settlement Household Energy Consumption Assessment. From Kenya a speaker (TBC) from the Muungano Alliance will discuss the energy profiling component of the Mukuru Special Planning Area (SPA) process, one of the largest ever participatory informal settlement upgrading processes. To illustrate SDI’s work in India a short video will highlight the role of women in the successful retrofit of rooftop PV in a slum resettlement colony in Mumbai.

The aim of the session is to provide insight into demonstrative case studies of SDI’s actions to improve access to essential services in slums. 


  • David Sheridan, former Programme Officer for Energy and Project Director, Slum Dwellers International, now working as an independent consultant
  • Megan Chapman, Justice and Empowerment Initiatives (JEI) 
  • Patrick Njoroge, Muungano Alliance


Kei Otsuki, Associate Professor of International Development Studies, Utrecht University.

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