20 June 2019 from 17:00 to 18:30

UU Talks: Waste Management in Sri Lanka, a self-made documentary

Come watch a self-made documentary about waste management in Sri Lanka, on Thursday June 20th between 17:00 - 18:30 at Green Office Utrecht (Heidelberglaan 8).

What is this event about?

The final talk of the academic year is here and it is a special one: Droovi de Zilva, a Global Sustainability Science student, not only researched a sustainability issue, but went even further by making his own documentary about it.

Adequately collecting, processing and reducing waste is a sustainability issue worldwide, but in some parts of the world these issues feel much more pronounced

The focus

Droovi’s documentary focuses on the waste management crisis in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka generates 7000MT of solid waste per day, with each person generating an average of 1-0.4kg per day. According to the Waste Management Authority and the Central Environmental Authority, only 50% of the waste generated is collected…

Curious about this issue or inspired by the idea of a self-made documentary? Join us at the Green Office on June 20th. As always, we will provide drinks, snacks and a nice discussion afterwards. Don’t miss out on the final UU Talks of the year!

UU Talks is a project group of Green Office Utrecht, sponsored by Cournect and the Utrecht University Fund.

Green Office Utrecht (GOU) is Utrecht University’s central sustainability hub where fresh minds and hands come together to support Utrecht University’s sustainable development. Green Office Utrecht makes the university’s policy tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff members by informing them, involving them and empowering them to act. Green Office Utrecht is active on four themes: Food, Biodiversity, Mobility and Circularity.

Start date and time
20 June 2019 17:00
End date and time
20 June 2019 18:30