From 30 January 2020 09:00 to 16 April 2020 17:00

UU 'Start to teach' teaching programme

Course description

The programme comprises two days of training: a start-up day and a follow-up day ten weeks later. The programme includes an introduction to the Utrecht teaching model and a didactic skills training. The focus will be on how to motivate students, the range of activating teaching formats, and the role of testing. Furthermore, the programme will offer you the chance to get the trainer’s feedback on your own teaching activities as well to participate in peer-topeer coaching activities with other participants. The programme is taught both in Dutch and in English.

What you will learn

Day 1

Preparation to the (work group) teaching activities, such as:

  • Which skills do you require as a teacher
  • How to introduce yourself to the students
  • How to create a relationship with the group
  • How to respond to difficult situations

The Utrecht Teaching model: theory and practice

  • Introduction to the range of activating teaching formats
  • Practice examples from the Utrecht University Lecturer of the Year

Day 2

Further focus on activating teaching formats and the role of testing.
Theory and practice explained by case examples:

  • Activating teaching formats
  • Providing feedback (both verbally and in writing)
  • Assessing written assignments

Optional: feedback from the trainer and peer-to-peer coaching.

This course counts as didactic training for your University Teaching Qualification (BKO). 
Learn more about achieving a University Teaching Qualification (BKO).

Course schedule

Thursdays January 30 and April 16, 2020.
Time: 9:00 to 17:00 h.

For who?

Start to Teach is open to all staff members who have little or no teaching experience. Doctoral candidates with teaching tasks are also welcome to join the programme. It’s important that you will be providing teaching activities during the term that Start to Teach is scheduled to take place, and you are available on both course days.

Start date and time
30 January 2020 09:00
End date and time
16 April 2020 17:00
Entrance fee
Free of charge