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Utrecht Heritage Day 2019

Sol in academiegebouw

Since 1984, several European countries have organised annual Heritage Days or Open Door Days to celebrate their national architectural and natural heritage. The Netherlands is proud to participate in this cultural tradition. The Utrecht Heritage Day will take place on Saturday the 14th of September. Almost 70 monuments will open their doors to the public. “Arts and Entertainment” is this year’s national Heritage Day theme.

In Utrecht the link between heritage and entertainment can be found in and around several buildings and historical sites. Many university buildings with international allure will open their doors to show you their beautiful interiors. 

Utrecht University 

There are guided tours through the University Library, Janskerkhof 3+ 13, Drift 15+ 21, Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, the Academy Building and University College Utrecht. There are also lectures in the Academy Building, the Faculty Club and at the University College Utrecht. A market takes place in the Pandhof of the Dom.


Furthermore, this year the Utrecht committee has an extra theme. In 2019 it is 175 years ago the first steam locomotive entered the city of Utrecht and since then the city developed itself into the most important railway-city of the Netherlands. To celebrate this special railway-monuments are open for public during the Utrecht Heritage Day.

Start date and time
14 September 2019
End date and time
14 September 2019
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Free entrance