22 June 2017 from 10:00 to 14:30

Utrecht Colloquium in Medieval Studies: Internationalisation

On Thursday 22 June the fourth Utrecht Colloquium in Medieval Studies will take place. The colloquium is centered around the theme of internationalisaton. In the key lecture, Prof. Karl Kügle (Musicology) will speak about new directions in medievalist research.

Different speakers will present their work in the field of medieval studies and share their thoughts, experiences and ideas on internationalisation and medieval studies. Students, alumni and PhD candidates Rozanne Versendaal MA (French Language and Culture) and Chloé Vondenhoff MA (Comparative Literature) will give presentations. During the lunch break there is opportunity to view posters and visit the 'Medieval Output Market'.

Prof. dr. Karl Kügle. Foto Ed van Rijswijk
Prof. dr. Karl Kügle. Foto Ed van Rijswijk

Overcoming anachronistic constructions

Karl Kügle will conclude the afternoon with the annual UCMS lecture. In his lecture 'New directions in medievalist research. Introducing the MALMECC and SoundMe projects' will speak about two large, multi-year, international research projects of which he is the leader. Both projects are linked by the wish to overcome anachronistic constructions of knowledge that remain structural to today's humanities research paradigm. But can transdisciplinary, post-/pre-national(ist) research really be achieved? Kügle will report on the challenges and opportunities presented, and offer some thoughts on the possible evolution of medieval studies in the years to come.


Start date and time
22 June 2017 10:00
End date and time
22 June 2017 14:30
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