3 December 2019 from 12:00 to 13:00

Urban Futures Lecture - Prof.dr. Maarten Hajer

Imagining Urban Futures

How do we imagine our urban futures? In light of the sustainability challenge that cities face we need to get a better sense of where a dynamic of transformation may come from. In his talk Maarten Hajer will report on his recent work for the International Resource Panel (IRP) of UN Environment, most notably the 'The Weight of Cities' report of which he is the lead author, together with Mark Swilling (2018). He will connect this with the work of the Urban Futures Studio on the dynamics of images of our urban future arguing that we should focus much more of our sustainability effort on the scale of the neighborhood where we can scale and still connect the transition to an inclusive form of public participation. It draws on the book project on 'Neighbourhoods for the Future' that is currently finishing together with Peter Pelzer, Edwin Buitelaar, Martijn van der Hurk en Chris ten Dam (due out in April 2020)

Start date and time
3 December 2019 12:00
End date and time
3 December 2019 13:00