Unlock Your Creativity With Design Thinking Workshop


Design Thinking is an approach to solve problems in a human-centered, creative and innovative way - in design, in business, in society, and in our daily lives. Our workshop series on Design Thinking highlights the key components of this approach. Each workshop in this series can be visited either independently or in sequence, by visiting them in sequence you will complete your picture of Design Thinking.

Creativity shows in many ways. Like that time when you discovered that you can use dried coffee grounds as body scrub or plant fertilizer. Or that you can open a shut pistachio using the shell of one you already ate. Connecting dots in new ways can help you come up with fixes and more fun in your daily life as well as in professional life. Come and learn how Design Thinking encourages you to unlock and train your own creativity to more outside-the-box thinking.

In Design Thinking there is a moment in which everything becomes a possibility. The moment of ideation, where your creativity is unlocked and you are challenged to produce as many ideas as possible. Breaking out of linear thinking patterns helps to find well-fit and innovative solutions to problems. It's also just really fun!

In this 1.5-hour workshop, we will challenge you to flex your imagination and try out a new way of thinking. You can apply this to find new angles to any idea and get more out of your next brainstorm session, no matter the project you are working on.

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Think Outside The Box!

For whom?

Any UU-student interested to learn more! There’s no prior knowledge or preparation necessary. The workshop is free of charge, but we do expect you to show up and participate once you’ve registered. The language of the workshop is English, unless there are only Dutch-speaking participants present.

This workshop is given by Anne van Ewijk, entrepreneurship educator & Design Thinking expert.

Our workshop series on Design Thinking consists of:

  1. Try Design Thinking 
  2. Unlock Your Creativity With Design Thinking 
  3. Prototype And Test In Design Thinking 

The UU Centre for Entrepreneurship organizes workshops around skills that are valuable in any situation that requires ideas to be put into action - whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship or just looking for personal or professional development.

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Botanische Tuinen, Budapestlaan 17 (Educatief lab)
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Free of charge

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