30 March 2019 from 09:45 to 18:00

University Day 2019

Universiteitsdag 2018
Picture: Bas van Hattum

Please note: this event is mainly in Dutch.

The annual University Day takes place on Saturday 30 March. All alumni of Utrecht University are invited for this day full of lectures and opportunities to (re)connect with each other. The University Day is part of the anniversary celebration of the university, the Dies Natalis.

The theme of this University Day is UniverCITY. Scientists, students and alumni will be talking about 'the city' from different disciplines. The connection between our university and the city of Utrecht is very visible due to the physical presence of the many students and alumni. But the research themes and the social issues that the university is involved in are increasingly interwoven with the environment in which we find ourselves.

This event is mainly in Dutch. See the full programme on our Dutch web page.

In the afternoon, there will be one lecture in English by dr. Fenella Fleischmann:

DiverCITY - Dr. Fenella Fleischmann 

Large-scale migration has changed our societies and this is most visible in cities. As entry points for newcomers and centres of community life for immigrant minorities, many of the challenges of immigrant integration play out at the local level of cities and their distinct neighbourhoods. In this lecture, dr. Fenella Fleischmann will review the main dimensions of immigrant integration, including structural components such as work, schooling and health, and socio-cultural elements like contacts, attitudes and religion, and discuss the role of local contexts for the success – or challenges – of immigrant integration.

Picture in header: Victor M. Lansink / Collectie: Het Utrechts Archief. 

Start date and time
30 March 2019 09:45
End date and time
30 March 2019 18:00
Entrance fee
€22,50 for Friends of the Utrecht University Fund, €30,- for non-Friends of the Utrecht University Fund