UCU Campfire Session: Jeroen van Baar '11


Have you ever wondered what factors contribute to a mentally healthy society? Are you interested in learning more about the brain and our every day experiences?

Join us for our first spring Campfire Session with Jeroen van Baar '11. Jeroen is a researcher in neuroscience and psychology and a writer. As a scientist, he has studied how social cognition is implemented in the human brain, focusing on illuminating everyday phenomena such as altruism and political polarization. As a writer, he is known for the 2014 book "De Prestatiegeneratie", in which he investigates the achievement anxiety of his generation (and himself).

For the past two years, Jeroen has been a researcher at the Trimbos Institute in Utrecht, where he researches how population mental health is shaped by socioeconomic factors and translates insights to policy and practice. He is an active science communicator, engaging the general public with lectures and media appearances about psychology and mental health.

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18:45 - 19:00 Arrival
19:00 - 19:05Welcome
19:05 - 19:30Campfire Session: Jeroen van Baar '11
19:30 - 20:00Q&A and Discussion
20:00 - 21:00Drinks and networking in UCSA Bar


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University College Utrecht
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Free of charge! However we'd appreciate it if you register in advance.

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