11 October 2017 from 21:00 to 23:30

U Jazz WessieSessie: Comme chez moi

parnassos cultuurcentrum parnassos live crossover jam

Be sure to step by the Parnassos bar every second Wednesday of the month for a new Wessiesessie, a jam session with a miniconcert.

On October 11th our Parnassos bar will be transformed into your own living room. So make sure to bring your own instrument and make yourself at home.

The U Jazz WessieSessie is for starting bands of musical combos who like to try out their new repertoire, gain more stage experience or just really like to let you hear something new. The U Jazz Wessiesessies are organised by U Jazz in collaboration with Parnassos Cultural Centre.

Start date and time
11 October 2017 21:00
End date and time
11 October 2017 23:30
Entrance fee