Two books about one text: on the genesis of 'Epitaph for an era' (2019) and 'Confronting Crisis' (2020)

Boeken van Mayke de Jong

On January 20th, Prof. Mayke de Jong (History and Art History) gives a lecture about the two books she wrote on the same medieval text. The lecture is organised by the Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies.

Prof. dr. Mayke de Jong
Prof. dr. Mayke de Jong

The lecture

In 2009 De Jong began translating the Epitaphium Arsenii, a passionate defence of Abbot Wala of Corbie (d. 836), written by his pupil, the monk Paschasius Radbertus (d. c. 860). Wala/Arsenius was one of Charlemagne’s cousins, who rebelled against Louis the Pious in 830. This epitaph (funeral oration) is one of the cornerstones for the modern narrative of the decline of the Carolingian empire. Not just its idiosyncratic Latin posed a challenge, but also De Jong's need to become a political and a literary historian. Out of years spent in the intimate company of one text came two books. In this talk she reflects on this process, and on the interdependence of translation and historical analysis.

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