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Design Thinking is an approach to solve problems in a human-centered, creative and innovative way - in design, in business, in society, and in our daily lives. Our workshop series on Design Thinking highlights the key components of this approach. Each workshop in this series can be visited either independently or in sequence, by visiting them in sequence you will complete your picture of Design Thinking.

Do you read the instruction manual before assembling your new furniture? Or at least look at the image before you get going? It is helpful to first understand what you are working on before you start, even more so when you are dealing with other people and not with furniture. Come and learn how you can apply Design Thinking to get a better grip on any creative task.

Since it originated in the design industry, Design Thinking often yields outstanding, creative results. But where to begin? For great design, the key is to truly understand the user. In this 1.5-hour workshop, we focus on the importance of empathy. Why do you need to empathize for better design outcomes? Is it something you can practice? (Yes!)

Design Thinking will change the way you look at your surroundings. After this workshop, you will have a basic understanding of the Design Thinking approach. With an open mind, you will be more aware of the many opportunities for (creative) projects that can be found everywhere around you and which you can act upon (if you want to).

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Any UU-student interested to learn more! There’s no prior knowledge or preparation necessary. The workshop is free of charge, but we do expect you to show up and participate once you’ve registered. The language of the workshop is English, unless there are only Dutch-speaking participants present.

This workshop is given by Anne van Ewijk, entrepreneurship educator & Design Thinking expert.

Our workshop series on Design Thinking consists of:

  1. Try Design Thinking 
  2. Unlock Your Creativity With Design Thinking 
  3. Prototype And Test In Design Thinking 

The UU Centre for Entrepreneurship organizes workshops around skills that are valuable in any situation that requires ideas to be put into action - whether you're interested in entrepreneurship or just looking for personal or professional development.

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