Transforming Cities debates: Beyond techtopia

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Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Technology is often presented as a game-changer that will bring new ways of production and management of resources that are needed for sustainable urban development. So, in the fourth industrial revolution that we are embarking on, do digital technologies help to tackle the urging issues of urban injustice, poverty, exclusion, polarization, lack of trust in government and/or science? Or does it only generate a new set of problems?

Many interesting things are happening in the field of sustainable urban development but at the same time current ways of thinking are not at all sufficient as a basis for the radical transformations that are needed. We need to reframe current debates about sustainable cities to make them more societally resonant while leveraging the unique status and resonance of science. 

For the debate we will have primers/presentations by four exciting speakers: Katrin Merfeld (UU)Roy Bendor (TU Delft)Tessa de Geus (DRIFT) and Ekaterina Petrova (TUe)

We invite Utrecht University scholars and other people interested in sustainable urban development to join our academic debates. Please note that this is an in-person event only and it is not possible to join online.

    Transforming Cities Utrecht organizes a series of academic debates to develop new ways of thinking as a basis for radical innovation. We want these debates to go beyond the status quo, to identify blind spots and frontier issues at the science forefront and policy interest, focus on challenging, deep and sometimes painful questions, and develop new ways of thinking and new ways of unpacking and understanding them.

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