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TPI Helpathon #4

TPI helpathon

Your help is needed and highly appreciated in TPI-Helpathon #4.  This Helpathon is called by three researchers at the Biomedical Primate Research Center.



Anne-Marie Zeeman, Raissa Timmerman and Frank Verreck have three really good in vitro modelling questions to progress their research on liver, lung and brain diseases.  Watch their 1 minute video calls below, register and lets meet (again)!

  • Can you help Anne-Marie develop a more organ-like Rhesus 3D liver model in which she can study the dormancy and the waking up of malaria parasites? More information in this video
  • Can you help Frank with integrating an immune system into a macaque lung organoid to address local immunity to tuberculosis with his vaccination strategy?  More information in this video
  • Can you help Raissa find a more complex organoid-like brain and immune model based on rhesus microglia to study aging in relation to neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative diseases? More information in this video
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