From 14 June 2018 12:00 to 7 September 2018 14:00

Thrift Shop summer edition

Green Office Utrecht Thrift Shop Educatorium

The Green Office is excited to open the summer edition of the Pop-up Thrift Shop!

Moving out, but can't take that mirror and lamp with you? Or moving in to a cold and empty new room? This is your chance to lighten your luggage before leaving, or start your Utrecht adventure in a cozily furnished room.

The thrift shop will pop up in the Educatorium canteen from Thursday the 14th of June until Friday the 7th of September. So start making a list of what your room is lacking, and decide which things are taking up too much space.

You can bring your donations to the Green Office at Heidelberglaan - we're here Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 until 17:00 - and you can browse the items in the Educatorium any time and pick up anything that takes your fancy. All donations will be much appreciated!

Start date and time
14 June 2018 12:00
End date and time
7 September 2018 14:00
Entrance fee
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