The Seminar Room of the Future: Limited by the Standard or Unlimited Choices?


During this meeting, we will focus our attention on the future of the seminar room. Specifically, we will discuss our expectations, desires and needs for the seminar room of the future. In view of the many impending construction and remodeling projects, it makes sense to take a closer look at the current seminar standard and test it for future resilience. What do we expect for, say, the next five years? Will one standard be enough by then, or should we also diversify our seminar spaces? Do we expect changing group size(s)? And what trends are there in the use of the seminar room? 

How do you see this? Get involved and contribute to the future of our classroom!

Please sign up in advance at! We will provide lunch.

Start date and time
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Bolognalaan 101, room 1.152