The Public PI Laboratory: A collective exploration, and re-imagination of pandemic policy and social life in The Netherlands and beyond

Tekening van een man die op een coronadeeltje staat en via een verrekijker in de verte kijkt © Somsuk
© Somsuk

On 10 February, the Privacy and Identity lab organises an event which brings together people with diverse expertise to discuss public policy frames and discourses around different people’s social needs during this pandemic period. 

Pandemic policies

The effects of pandemic policies on people's well-being persist well beyond the crisis stage. How are we categorised and characterised in recent policy and public health rhetoric in the Netherlands (and beyond)? How can we respond? We want to look back, take stock of the present, and look forward.

(Post-)pandemic futures

Inspired by community-based crisis response methodologies, we invite participants to brainstorm their vision for equitable (post-)pandemic futures. We invite you to think, argue, and tease out important points with us around three major themes: spaces, bodies, and cultures. Who was framed to be where, with whom, and why? Where is safe, who is vulnerable, what is essential? How does this affect the way we perceive who we are and how we act?

Who will be speaking?

We're currently in the process of inviting people with experience and expertise within each of the three themes to share their insights by way of a very short presentation to get the discusion going. But mainly, we're inviting you: our community. The idea is to have a public discussion based on all our input, and a useful exercise to make that work. For each theme, we are inviting people to contribute a discussion starter: a short, on-topic provocation or presentation.

Do you want to contribute? 

Please get in touch with us! We welcome a diverse public and diversity in contributions, including artistic expressions. Just want to listen, or chip in when a discussion is going? Simply save the date. We will announce the scheduled contributors to those who signed up for the session a week before we’re on.

Note on interaction

A note on interaction during the event. We are aware that discussions about pandemic policy on the themes we address can give rise to emotional responses. We will moderate with a strong focus on respectful interaction, in service of mutual enrichment of our thinking around these themes.

Location of the event

We've settled for an online location for this event, the platform will be announced later on. Closer to the date, we will investigate whether a hybrid event is a possibility. But joining remotely will remain possible, and the focus will be on making this work online.

Start date and time
End date and time
Online or hybrid

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the organisers of the event: Aviva de Groot ( and Evelyn Wan (

To sign up, please send an email to and indicate which roundtable you would like to attend, and whether you want to contribute something to start the discussion, so that we can coordinate contributions.

More information
The overall topic, and a breakdown of thematic sessions are described in much more detail on PI.lab's website