The Gender, Diversity & Global Justice Platform Oploop: 'Platform-ation'


On 2 February 2023, 15:45-17:30, the Gender, Diversity & Global Justice Platform is organising an Oploop in de Sweelinckzaal (Drift 21, 005). The theme of the event is 'Platform-ation': we kick off with a short presentation by our core-members about both new and ongoing projects happening within our Platform currently. This will be followed by an afternoon of creative input from our members and the community: what more can we envision, imagine, and accomplish as a platform within the themes of gender, diversity, and global justice? In what capacity can (new) members become more involved within the platform, and in what way can the platform grow further with the expertise from our members? We hope this afternoon offers up an opportunity to think and create together in order to move into even more exciting directions for 2023.

Please sign up in advance! The sign-up sheet also gives the opportunity to offer (initial) thoughts about topics and themes you would like to see addressed. More information soon to follow.

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Drift 21, Sweelinckzaal 005
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