The Future is now; how can we make better use of existing teaching spaces?


As part of the Future Learning Spaces project, we are developing innovative educational spaces in collaboration with teachers and students. Examples are the Hybrid Active Learning Classroom, the Virtual Classroom and the Learning Plaza. Users are positive about these innovative spaces and would like to make more use of them. However, there are only 5 such learning spaces and it takes time to develop new spaces. For the time being, the vast majority of education therefore takes place in standard lecture halls and seminar rooms.

The Co-Creation Community asked us to brainstorm about how we can make better use of the current standard spaces for activating and collaborative education. What experiences do you have? What adjustments do you suggest? What can you do yourself?

We are organizing a lunch meeting to brainstorm together on: Wednesday 8 February from 12.00-13.30 in the Learning Plaza (Minnaert building). You are very welcome to join! Register via and we will provide lunch (please indicate your dietary requirements immediately). You are also welcome to walk in without registering, but then there is a chance that all sandwiches are gone 😉.

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Learning Plaza (Minnaert building)

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