15 June 2016 from 15:30 to 17:00

Gewetenschap / The ConScience App (workshop)

Promising academic Jeroen Dreef is undertaking pioneering research at a Dutch university. With a disappointing PhD candidate and research data, his is in a race against the clock to beat his international competitors and to ensure his position at the university is safe.

The Jonge Akademie (‘Young Academy’) presents The ConScience App, a theatre piece designed to move the debate on scientific integrity from news headlines to daily work of academic researchers. It invites researchers to speak with each other about the problems, dilemmas and temptations that they are confronted with. You can see The ConScience App at Utrecht University on June 15th, 2016.

In daily practice

The ConScience App is a light-hearted satire and a starting point for debate about dilemmas and experiences with your colleagues. For instance, what is your policy on mentioning co-writers? Or on assessing the work of your competitors? How do you find a balance between your own work and the supervision of your PhD’s and/or Master's students? What is the influence of the duty to publish on the quality of your research? The show presents these sorts of dilemmas playful, yet sometimes revealing a less savoury side. Tony Maples wrote The ConScience App with the input of members from the Jonge Akademie. Pandemonia Science Theater will perform it. A manual for discussion presents two very differing views, which should provide food for through and an animated discussion.


The Jonge Akademie invites new and young researchers to participate in The ConScience App in particular, as well as fellow-scientists and academic policymakers.
Max. number of participants: 60


Prof.dr. L.T.G. (Bert) Theunissen
Language: English


Wednesday June 15th
Time: 15.30-17.00 - Free drinks afterwards!

Certificate of attendance

Participants will receive a certificate after attending this workshop (0.1 EC).

Trailer Gewetenschap / The ConScience App (in Dutch)
Start date and time
15 June 2016 15:30
End date and time
15 June 2016 17:00
Entrance fee
Free of charge