The Big Europe show

De Kiesmannen in a show full of humor, political analysis and interaction


On June 6th you get to vote in the European elections, with much at stake this year. Farmers protest against environmental regulations, activists urge radical climate policies, and no structural solutions have been found for the migration crises. All this while Putin is fighting at the gates of Europe and AI challenges us in entirely new ways.

Meanwhile you find yourself sitting on the couch with mixed feelings wondering: "Elections again?", "What are they doing over there in Brussels?" and "I don't know any European parliamentarians..."

No worries, we got you!

In a whirlwind Europe show with information, political analysis, humour and interaction of about 90 minutes, De Kiesmannen will get you ready for the voting booth at the upcoming European elections.

Please note that this event will be in Dutch. More information is therefore available in Dutch.

This show has a limited number of seats and is only open for UU students and staff. Registration is therefore mandatory.

This show is offered to you by Futures of Democracy, an Institutions for Open Societies' platform. This year, the platform focuses on 'democratic education'. De Kiesmannen  created a programme for secondary schools & MBOs in the run-up to the European elections: European Influencers, to convince young people of the importance of European democracy, to be well informed about what to choose, as well as to attract them to the ballot box. This show, for a broad audience , is part of this programme. 
Together with this organisation, the platform conduct research on the impact of this informative programme among young scholars. Want to stay updated on this research or the activities of the platform, please forward to their website.

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Culture Centre Parnassos
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Free, on a first come, first served principle.

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