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The Art of Presenting Science - ONLINE - FULLY BOOKED

If face-to-face courses are still not possible because of Covid-19 at the time this course takes place, this course will be held in an online format.

Course description

When you present, you expect your audience to be attentive throughout your talk - after all, they love science. Sadly, this is rarely the case. We blame this on a short attention span, but why can the same audience watch movies for hours on end? Apparently, actors and playwrights have found a way to engage their audience better. So, why not use their tools to learn how to present better? In this three-day course you will learn to engage your audience with theatrical skills and shape your content with storytelling and style tools. Master your performance skills and let your content take centre stage!

Learning objectives

During this course you will learn the fifteen signals necessary for effective communication. You will learn how to get attention at the start of your presentations and how to keep the audience attentive by using style and transitions. You will learn to design a presentation using story tools and supportive slides that allow you to be the main act on the stage and you will learn how to respond to questions effectively. 

Instructional method

You will discover the necessary tools and apply them to your presenting. Various methods will be applied, such as theatre exercises, individual presenting exercises, group discussion, peer review, story design exercises and interactive lecturing. 


You will be trained by one of the professionals of Artesc.

Group Size

5 to 7 participants

Number of credits

1.0 EC

Course schedule

Day Date Start End
Thu 4/Jun/2020 9:30 17:30
Thu 18/Jun/2020 9:30 17:30
Thu 2/Jul/2020 9:30 17:30

Course certificate

You will receive a course certificate if you attend and complete at least 2.5 course days. You cannot miss the first morning session.

Course fee

Course fee internal PhD candidates: €0.
Course fee academic staff UU/UMC: €1285.
Course fee external participants (if space permits): €2135.

‘Internal PhD candidates’ include:

  • PhD candidates registered to the Graduate School of Life Sciences of Utrecht University via Hora Est/MyPhD

‘Academic staff UU/UMC’ include:

  • PhD candidates of Utrecht University, not registered to the Graduate School of Life Sciences via Hora Est/MyPhD; 
  • Postdocs employed by the Utrecht University or UMC Utrecht;
  • Other academic staff employed at the UU/UMC

‘External participants' include:

  • all other participants

Our no-show policy

We are happy to offer courses and workshops for free to all GSLS PhDs. However: free of charge does not mean free of responsibility. Our activities tend to be fully booked well in advance. For every late cancellation or no-show we have had to disappoint others who would have liked to attend.

This is how we work: 

  • Once you have signed up for a course, we expect you to attend;
  • If you need to cancel your registration, do so at the earliest possible moment, at least four weeks before the start of the course;
  • If you really have to, you are allowed to miss up to 4 hours of this course in total. You always have to attend the first course session;
  • Not meeting the attendance requirements or cancelling within four weeks before the course starts means you will be charged no-show fee (€645 for this course);
  • We are unable to make any exceptions.

This course offered me a broad set of tools that will make my future presentations more exciting and interesting for both me and my audience

I learned how to bring myself into a presentation, to speak in a way that makes people listen. I also learned to really make contact with my audience and not just deliver information

Even though I thought I could already present pretty well, this course taught me many useful tips and tricks that can get your audience to really listen to what you are saying. This will greatly increase the impression you make.

Start date and time
End date and time
Utrecht Science Park - De Uithof
Entrance fee
Course fee internal PhD candidates: €0. Course fee academic staff UU/UMC: €1285. Course fee external participants (if space permits): €2135.

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