From 20 February 2019 09:00 to 20 March 2019 17:00

The Art of Presenting Science (course)

The Art of Presenting Science

Really want to get your presenting to a higher level? The first step is to realize that your audience needs everything they get in a normal chat to feel addressed. They don’t want a presentation, they want a normal chat that is so good that everybody comes to listen. So you need to get your intonation, movement, posture and gestures to work on a distance. Otherwise, the signals your audience needs just never arrive. In this course you will learn how to change the signals you send in order to reach your audience. Dedicated personalized exercises will make you able to achieve that in no time. The next step is to also learn to change your style with a change in content. Result: They can’t escape your message!

What will you learn?

Combine theatre skills and story skills and find that one and one = three at least. Here you will learn to reach your audience with theatre skills, keep their attention up with style and involve them with story tools.

  • This course includes 4 hours of homework.
  • You will be trained by one of the professionals of Artesc.
  • Max. number of participants Max. 7
  • Number of credits 2.0 EC
  • You will receive a course certificate if you attend and complete at least 2,5 course days.

This course will take place on Wednesday:

  • 20th February 2019
  • 6th March 2019
  • 20th March 2019

Student's experiences

'This course added a lot to my presenting skills. I got direct feedback on my performance, on how I could improve the transfer of the content’.

‘This course changed my perception of what is required for a good presentation: holding onto your audience’s attention by focusing on the way of presenting rather than on the content’.

Start date and time
20 February 2019 09:00
End date and time
20 March 2019 17:00
Entrance fee
The fee for the course the Art of Presenting Science is €716