Talk by philosopher dr. Keekok Lee on Culture/Nature Dualism in the Western World

Dr. Keekok Lee

Culture/Nature Dualism in the Western World

Philosophy Tradition consists of various strands of thought, the most important of which, in my opinion, is that of Dualism which can be traced to Descartes as its pioneer. One needs to distinguish between the Cartesian model itself and later versions which differ from it. However, all forms of the doctrine involve a pair of polar contrasts, such as Soul/Mind on the one hand and Body, on the other. It privileges one and denigrates the other member of the pair. Hence in the Culture-Nature pair of contrasts, Culture (Human) is privileged over Nature (Non-human). In other words, in this context, Dualism leads to the celebration of Anthropocentrism which in turn leads to the modern attitude since the emergence of Modern Science and its Technology of dominating Nature, manipulating, and controlling it to suit our own ends and purposes. Dualist Thinking is essentially hierarchical in character with a superior/officer class and an inferior/subaltern class.

Short biography

Dr. Keekok Lee is a retired philosopher from the University of Manchester who has taught and published on a phenomenal range of domains: from law, genetics and medicine, the environment, technology and Chinese philosophy.  Details of her work can be found here:

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