From 5 September 2019 16:00 to 3 October 2019 18:00

PhD Introductory Training

Taking Charge of Your PhD

To get you properly started in your PhD track it is recommended to take part in the PhD Introductory Training: Taking Charge of Your PhD, which has recently been set up.

In three/four short afternoon sessions you are informed and (we hope) inspired how to make the most of the coming years of your PhD track. With this training we aim at

  1. Informing you about some practical issues, available support, opportunities for training and some rules and procedures.
  2. Helping you to communicate effectively with your supervisor and promotor.
  3. Helping you to plan your project(s) efficiently, in order to be able to finish timely.
  4. Helping you to reflect on how to put this PhD track to use and plan for your future career.
  5. Providing a network for your support.

You are expected on September 5 at 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

The subsequent times, dates and rooms are: September 19 / October 3, same time, and a fourth meeting on a date to be determined by mutual agreement

If you are really not able to adapt your schedule to this training, there is an alternative at the same time:

  • on September 12, 27, Oct. 10 or 
  • on October 17, 31, November 14,28

For any questions contact:

Start date and time
5 September 2019 16:00
End date and time
3 October 2019 18:00
Entrance fee